More Than Buildings and Grounds

    August 20, 2018 | Stories by Gracepoint Church

    At GracePoint, it takes a dedicated team to oversee and manage the many aspects of maintenance, repair, and improvements for the church buildings and grounds. This is the task of a little known team working behind the scenes  - the GracePoint Property Management Team.

    Byron Weisz, chairman of the team, shares who they are and what they do -

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    What is the mission of the Property Management team?

    To be good stewards of what God has blessed our Church with and continually seek His guidance and direction in all we do that it may be for His glory.

    Who is on your Team?

    • Byron Weisz –  Fire Sprinkler Contractor, Business Owner
    • Leonda Cook –  Accountant
    • Joe Kelly –  Residential General Contractor, Business Owner
    • Randy Schmidt –  Electrical Contractor, Business Owner
    • Paul Wilbur -  Driving Instructor, Business Owner
    • Chad Quarles – Fire Sprinkler Project Designer/Project Manager
    • Steve Moyer –  Construction Project Manager
    • Richard Hust –  GracePoint Maintenance Supervisor
    • Pastor Steve Opp – GracePoint Executive Pastor
    • Jeff Brusa – GracePoint Elder

    What are some projects the team has recently worked on?

    We have been working on or have recently completed the following projects:

    • Re-surfaced the front of the Worship Center to repair roof leaks and removed & replaced sheetrock above the main foyer and Welcome Center.
    • Fixed roof leaks at Building B
    • Reworked the parking lot between the Worship Center and Building B. The project also included new seal coat and striping for the west side parking lot.
    • In the kitchen of the B Building, we had the existing cabinets refaced, new drawers installed, new doors and hardware, and the area painted.
    • All of the exterior parking lot lighting was converted to LED lighting
    • Purchased two new 4 seat golf carts.

    What are some upcoming projects for the team?

    We have a Capital Expenditures 7-year Budget Plan we are continually reviewing and updating to address both maintenance and repair issues for all the building on our site. The church maintains a budget contingency to address items the might pop-up and need to be addressed immediately. We also use the plan to help plan and address new projects that are presented to our ministry team. Currently one of the projects we are looking at is a new digital sign which will replace our old monument sign on Lower Sacramento Road. We have released the vendor to proceed with permitting and order the equipment. The project should be complete within the next few months. Other projects we are working on include the following:

    • Reworking the landscaping around the cross and amphitheater.
    • Coming up with an outdoor plan for the Youth Building courtyard.
    • With the new development to the north and west of the property, there are issues with the future expansion of Tokay Street and the west property line which will be reviewed and addressed.
    • There are items to continually review and address with both Jim Elliot Christian High School and Lodi Christian School. Both schools have become a big presence both at our Church as well as in the community.
    • Review and update annually all of our maintenance contracts.

    What are the biggest challenges?

    Selecting the right colors - that would be somewhat of a joke. I think the biggest challenges over the years would be working with the City of Lodi and prioritizing what it is we are working on. I don’t think there has been any project that we have taken on where we don’t take the time to properly review and pray about.

    Is there something about this ministry that might surprise people?

    The fact that God has uniquely brought a group of people together with skills and talents in facility planning and management, construction management, construction methods, financial planning and budgeting to be a part of this ministry team. Most of the people on this team have been together for some time and have been a part of the growth of this church. Over the years we have had very spirited discussions, but we have always tried to be very good stewards and seek God's guidance and direction in all we do.

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