Giving and Getting

Giving and Getting

January 12, 2020 | Perry Kallis

    From the time we are born into the world, we must adjust to the concepts of “giving and getting”. We don’t struggle so much with the getting part. We are, after all, naturally wired to want to get stuff. But balancing our “getting” with  “giving” is, however, a critical part of developing good character. Proper attitudes of giving are identified in the Bible with the term stewardship or the ability to use what God has given me to give glory to Him and advance His eternal purposes. Jesus used both miracles and parables to clarify the proper balance  of GIVING and GETTING, and we will study them this week to receive that truth.  

    Text: Luke 12:1-59 / John 6:1-71 / Matthew 25:1-46

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