Life-Giving Behaviors for Christian Contentment

Life-Giving Behaviors for Christian Contentment

August 18, 2019 | Perry Kallis

“Contented as a ... _____________!”  Do you know the answer? COW, of course. That old saying began 120 years ago as a dairy promotion. I grew up on a dairy farm and there is indeed a practical truth that most city slickers don’t know. A cow will only physically release her milk if she is not stressed. We come to the final sermon in our JoyUP series from Philippians. In these closing verses, Paul is actually writing a thank you note, but in the process is declaring godly lessons on how to achieve contentment that allows believers to fulfill and release God’s purposes for them joyfully. We will unpack these Biblical,  "life-giving behaviors" that lead to Christian contentment. 

Text: Philippians 4:10-23 

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