Principles That Lead to a Legacy of Faith

Principles That Lead to a Legacy of Faith

December 29, 2019 | Jim Jessup

Our guest speaker this Sunday is Jim Jessup. Jim Jessup is the grandson of William Jessup, founder of San Jose Bible College in 1939, now William Jessup University in Rocklin, a Christ-centered University with residential, on-line and evening programs available. Jim served as a pastor for 14 years and since 2003 he has been the Director of Church Relations for William Jessup University. 

"What will be your legacy when you are gone? One of our goals as Christians should be to pass along our faith to the next generation. The best way to leave a legacy, is to pour your life into relationship with God AND His children. Let me share with you a few things I learned from my grandparents, and parents, through God's Word. I will share how they lived out their faith, and regardless of YOUR family situation, how YOU can pass along your faith to those you love."

~ Jim Jessup

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