Relationships or Relation-chips

Relationships or Relation-chips

October 07, 2018 | Perry Kallis

Every one of us deals with the challenges of being misunderstood. Sometimes it is as simple as accidentally mispronouncing a word, and other times it can be a big deal when someone misinterprets an action we took. But regardless of what it is, misunderstandings with one another can also become a great opportunity for Godly reconciliation. Joshua 22 contains some wonderful lessons about how to build relationships in the middle of misunderstandings.
Scripture Verses: Joshua 22:1-34 ; Worship Song List: Click here


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Boldness and courage are two words that sound so INSPIRING, but the truth is, we really don't need either of those things if we aren’t planning to do anything different and what we are currently doing.

The fifth book of the Bible, the book of Joshua, is basically written to inspire God’s people to do something more and better for God than they’ve ever done before in history.

Anyone who intentionally reads this book does so at their own risk, because it is intended to put the status quo on notice that it cannot be maintained if obedience is to be accepted. Let’s take the risk and start a new series and Be Bold!

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