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    May 19, 2020 | Stories by Marshall McLuhan

    Hey friends,

    Just thought I'd share some words from the heart that I pray offers some healthy perspective. Sadly, we live in a pretty selfish, self-centered world, where it’s quite easy to become distracted with our own interests, agendas, desires, and especially our fears and anxieties in our current situation with Covid-19, while not concerning ourselves with others or their feelings and needs. People's frantic hoarding is sad proof.

    I believe with all of my heart that being kind and generous with others during life’s journey will not only bless others, but also each of those who live life in this way!

    A generous person is one who reaches out to those in need. Does that describe you? If so, your willingness to share your time and resources sends the message that people are valuable. Your actions say, “What is of worth to God is of worth to me.”

    The dictionary defines “kindness” as an attribute of someone who is gentle, generous, friendly, and benevolent. What a beautiful picture of how God extends Himself to those who seek Him. And what a great example for us as we reach out to those around us!

    Kindness and generosity is more than an attitude; it’s an action. It looks for ways to meet needs and make others smile. Pause for a moment and think about all the ways God has been kind and generous to you. Then, ask Him to help you extend yourself in kind ways to those whose lives you touch, including the strangers who move through your life each day….even the rude ones! Your actions may be just the answer to prayer someone needs.

    This kind of other-centered kindness and generosity flows much more naturally from a truly grateful heart. The more we recognize how much we’ve been given, the easier it can be to share whether it be our time, gifts, and or resources. Consider in what areas God has been exceedingly generous to you, and find ways to practice generosity with what you’ve been blessed with.

    Then, go a step further. Ask God to help you be kind and generous when you feel like you have “just enough.” God can take a little love, kindness, and generosity and turn it into a lot!

    Knowing that none of us are promised tomorrow, may we all live today as if it were our last opportunity to make a positive impact for the Kingdom of God in the lives of those who’s paths we cross!

    Make it a great day and God bless,


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