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Missionary Highlight - Richard & Debbie Bardin

We are highlighting the ministry of our international missionaries Richard and Debbie Bardin. We showed their update at our 5/22/22 Sunday gathering. Here is the video they sent - lots going on and lots to pray for and to praise for. May the...

    He Knows My Name
    05.02.22 | by Linda Opp

    My first and second-grade teacher was Mrs. Weber. She was tall and dignified and kind and wore beautiful dresses or pleated skirts with white blouses. She kept a cloth handkerchief discreetly tucked into her sleeve. Her salt and pepper hair was...

      Is It Free?
      03.28.22 | by Linda Opp

      A few years ago we took a snapshot of ourselves to a big-box store photo department to have copies made for our annual Christmas letter. The nice photo person said we'd receive five photo calendars as a free gift.A week later, when I was stuffing...

        Cats and the Kingdom
        03.21.22 | by Linda Opp

        Our washing machine has developed a new habit. At the end of the spin cycle, it emits a squeak that sounds exactly like a mewing cat. The first time we heard it we looked at each other, wondering who'd brought home a cat. We're still fooled by...

          03.07.22 | by Linda Opp

          Several years ago a well-known preacher announced that Christians need to “unhitch” the Old Testament from the New, and rely solely on the resurrection to inform their faith, especially when it comes to evangelism.   The Old...

            The Core
            02.21.22 | by Linda Opp

            The house I grew up in was built by my great-grandfather in 1902. It had many tiny rooms and a dirt basement. My grandfather, my father, my siblings, and I were all raised in that house. Now my nephew lives there with his wife and children...