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    Chickens & God's Will
    11.08.21 | by Linda Opp

    One summer afternoon I stepped out the front door to go to the mailbox, and there stood my neighbor's three hens, escaped from their back yard. The trio clucked at me softly, as if to say, “We need help. We got out, but we don't know how...

      What Does It Mean To Abide?
      10.25.21 | by Adam Morris

      What does it mean to abide?First, union with our Lord depends on His grace. Of course, we are actively and personally united to Christ by faith (John 14:12). But faith itself is rooted in the activity of God. It is the Father who, as the divine...

        Forgiving God
        10.18.21 | by Linda Opp

        FORGIVING GOD Once I met a woman who lived at a halfway house. She volunteered her story of addiction and then told me about her husband. He had a difficult childhood with an abusive mother, which put him on his own road of addiction, sadness...

          10.11.21 | by Linda Opp

          I was an off-roader before it was cool because I'm the daughter of a farmer who missed his calling as a Hollywood stunt driver. We had some pretty wild rides. I have summertime memories of tearing through the pasture with Dad as we...

            Stamped or Forged?
            08.30.21 | by Linda Opp

            I have an electric knife sharpener. It works splendidly, and I regularly demonstrate its worth by accidentally slicing open my finger when cooking the first meal after sharpening. I consider it quality control: Is there blood? Yes. The knife has...

              Falling Down The Stairs
              08.23.21 | by Linda Opp

              I've told this story before, but the daily bombardment of bad news from across the globe has reminded me of it. I grew up in the farmhouse my great-grandfather built. It featured a dirt basement, illuminated by one lonely, naked light bulb, and...

                How Old Are You?
                08.16.21 | by Linda Opp

                Lately, my five-year-old grandson has become fascinated with numbers in general, and with my age specifically. “How old are you, grandma?” begins most of our conversations. He knows the answer; he just thinks it's amusing to keep...

                  Different Perspectives
                  06.28.21 | by Linda Opp

                  This will come as no surprise, but Christians disagree. Regularly and loudly. We're on the same team, but we have different ideas. What's the best way to do worship, to disciple young believers, to build community, to teach young children about...

                    Off Script
                    06.21.21 | by Linda Opp

                    My favorite funny television moment occurs in an episode of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Mr. Rogers and a young boy are sitting on the couch, having a neighborly chat, when Mr. Rogers decides to take off his sweater. Somehow in the...

                      A Good Father
                      06.14.21 | by Linda Opp

                      I grew up in a little Baptist church in North Dakota, where we faithfully had Communion, or the Lord's Supper as we called it, once a month. Just like now. It must be a Baptist thing. On communion Sundays, when the service was over and the...