Young Adults

Unfortunately, due to the regulations and suggestions of our state, all further meetings of the Young Adults have been suspended at this time. If you would like to stay in contact with people from this group, please join our Facebook group: Young Adults - GracePoint Church.
If you are a Young Adult going to College, Working, or looking for a place to belong then you are welcome here!


Join us every Sunday at 9:00am for our GracePoint Family Worship Service at the Worship Center and at 10:30am for our Sunday morning Worship and Bible study in the Youth Center and the Young Adults Room.


Our Young Adults Guys Bible Study starts at 6:30pm in the Young Adults Room at the Youth Center. Join us as we walk through redemptive history and grasp God's story through the Bible.


Our midweek Young Adults meeting is Thursdays at 7:00pm in Aroma Coffee House and the Young Adults Room where we enjoy fellowship, coffee, snacks, games, ping pong, pool, video games, and most importantly Bible Study!

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Young Adults Ministry



Find us at: 801 South Lower Sacramento Road, Lodi California