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    Only God Knows Why
    06.30.20 | Stories | by Marshall McLuhan

    Hey friends, Have you ever wondered if life is worth the trouble? After all, it can so often be filled with heartache, disappointment, and frustration. Those emotions are only intensified in a season such as the one in which we find ourselves...

      05.19.20 | Stories | by Marshall McLuhan

      Hey friends, Just thought I'd share some words from the heart that I pray offers some healthy perspective. Sadly, we live in a pretty selfish, self-centered world, where it’s quite easy to become distracted with our own interests, agendas...

        The Diamond In The Rough
        04.16.20 | Stories | by Marshall McLuhan

        Good day friends and family. As we all move further into this challenging season of life, something continues to come to my mind and heart. As with any life scenario we face, good or bad, there are pros and cons. There can even be pain in...