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A New "One Another" We Must Learn to Love!

Series: From Un-Anothered to One-Anothered

A New "One Another" We Must Learn to Love!

August 15, 2021 | Perry Kallis

Passage: John 13:34-35

In John 13, Jesus says to his disciples, “a new commandment I give you... that you love one another”. He then goes on to apply that to all Christ-followers. Specifically, who are those I am commanded to love? Most of us have no problem loving the people we like, but does Jesus really mean for me to love those unlikeable folks? We know the answer is “yes” precisely because Jesus calls it a command and not a suggestion. After all, you don’t have to command a dessert-loving child to eat ice cream, but you may have to command them to eat vegetables. Likewise, it is going to take supernatural trust in God to be obedient to this commanded family-trait (of showing love for ALL the one-anothers in my life). Join us for the foundational reminders of this new “one another” that we must all learn to love!

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Throughout most of history, a general, national crisis has often been a catalyst for bringing people together. What we have all experienced in the past year, however, has seemed to bring about more division than unity. The good news is that God’s good news through Christ still has the only transforming power to change that.

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