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Avoiding the 'Etch-A-Sketch' Principle

Series: James - A Faith That Works

Avoiding the 'Etch-A-Sketch' Principle

January 09, 2022 | Perry Kallis

Passage: James 3:1-12

Have you ever said something in a moment of impulse that within minutes you just wished you could “Etch-a-Sketch” out of the mind of everyone who heard you? Me too! James dives into the topic of “putting our foot in our mouth” moments among believers and how practicing self-control with our words is an important and practical part of living our faith. In addition, it is not only our mouths that can get us in trouble, but our fingers are also in need of self-control as we write e-mail, texts, and social media. Join us for this timeless truth from the timeless authority of God’s Word.

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