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Breathing God's Mission Into the World

Series: Standalone Sermons

Breathing God's Mission Into the World

November 15, 2020 | Perry Kallis

Passage: John 20:19-31

We don’t give much thought to such an automatic physical response as breathing until something happens to restrict it. The breathing response has two equally important parts: the inhaling and the exhaling. When either part is delayed too long, life is at risk. Spiritually speaking, we were given new life through Christ’s death on the cross and with our salvation we “breathed in” the refreshing presence of Christ. But regenerated believers were never only intended to spiritually inhale new life. We were also designed to exhale the message of Christ by declaring the good news of new life to others who are suffocating in sin. We could call that our Mission for Christ. This week’s sermon will use a passage from John 20 to remind us of the priority of this mission, especially for our modern world spiritually gasping for a fresh breath of eternal hope.

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