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Getting my Head in the Servant Game

Getting my Head in the Servant Game

February 03, 2019 | Perry Kallis

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the nation’s biggest days in sports... The chances are pretty good that at some point during the game, one or more of the coaches on the sidelines will say to one of his players, “Hey – get your head in the game!“ It’s a way of motivating someone to stop being distracted and keep your eye on the goal.  Believers have been transformed by the power of God through Jesus Christ in order to serve God’s eternal purposes and bring Him glory, but as we all know, our daily lives can become so overwhelming that it is easy to get distracted from that primary goal. Serving Christ can easily slip from a top-shelf priority to a discarded activity. We've been Shaped for Serving God. Our passage for this Sunday in Philippians 2 is among the most significant declarations of motivation in Scriptures getting believers to refocus and get our heads back in the game of serving God.   

Scripture Verses: Phillippians 2:1-11 ; Worship Song List: Click here

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