God’s Joyful “Outside The Box” Greatest Gift

Series: Advent 2020

God’s Joyful “Outside The Box” Greatest Gift

December 20, 2020 | Perry Kallis

Passage: Luke 2:6-20

Most young parents have had the experience of giving their young child a wonderful gift, only to have that child open the gift and have more joy playing with the box than with the actual gift. It’s hard not to be disappointed, isn’t it? You intended the wrapping to heighten the anticipation of the gift, but all it did was distract from the main event.

That is the explanation of our modern, commercialized Christmas. Could that be why God wrapped the greatest gift of His Son in such plain coverings as swaddling clothes, a manger, and shepherds? But even believers must be careful not to turn the lowly nativity into a “show-stealing” scene of romanticized wrappings that distracts from the real gift of Jesus Himself. We will talk about that in the sermon this week.  

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