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Heavenly Messages for Earthlings

Series: Immanuel - God With Us (Advent 2021)

Heavenly Messages for Earthlings

December 12, 2021 | Perry Kallis

Passage: Luke 1:1-2:52

To what type of message do you most quickly respond? A text.? An e-mail? A letter or phone call? We each have a favorite type of message that sparks a quick response. The story and foundational message surrounding the birth of Christ was entrusted by God to a powerful means of communication called ANGELS! We tend to become a little overly fascinated with the messengers of that first Christmas truth, making angels some of our favorite decorations. But we should be giving more undivided attention to their timeless message. Join us for a look at how the birth of Christ helps us respond to God’s heavenly messages sent to us here on earth.    

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