Lite or Light?

Series: Ephesians: Our True Identity

Lite or Light?

March 14, 2021 | Perry Kallis

Passage: Ephesians 4:17-24

The word ‘lite’ is an old English word meaning "less in substance or danger," but did not become popular in America until the mid-1960s with the marketing of Lite Beer with less alcohol. But, increasingly, it became more associated with fewer calories or fat. We live in a culture that increasingly wants to treat sin as "lite” or less serious. The Bible, however, is clear that sin is always more than a minor problem to be treated as "lite”. Sin is a deadly, spiritual disease that always pays out wages of death. If sin were so “lite”, Jesus would not have had to pay the ultimate price of his own sinless life to deliver us from it. In Ephesians 4, Paul declares the truth of God’s plan to deal with sin and gives us the hope of living in the LIGHT and joy of God’s grace and truth. 

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