Our Eternal, Guaranteed Inheritance

Series: Ephesians: Our True Identity

Our Eternal, Guaranteed Inheritance

October 04, 2020 | Perry Kallis

Passage: Ephesians 1:11-14

We’ve all become a bit cynical when we hear the word guarantee. We once used the phrase ‘you can take that to the bank!’ as an expression of confidence. But over the past decades, we learned that even large banks can fail. Our culture has trained us to question whether we can count on any earthly promises, especially as we approach political elections. As believers, however, we are given God’s promises of a guaranteed, eternal inheritance based on our salvation through Christ and the very presence of God, the Holy Spirit, living within our transformed souls. This reality should help all believers live “now”, in the confidence of our promised ‘then’. Join us for a look at this motivating truth.

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