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Personalizing Christmas

Series: Immanuel - God With Us (Advent 2021)

Personalizing Christmas

December 05, 2021 | Perry Kallis

Passage: Luke 1:26-38

A survey of high school students recently revealed the top 5 reasons for disliking the subject of history: too boring, all about dead people, too many dates and places, too much reading, and it’s irrelevant to me!  But history is never any of those things, especially when it is happening to you! Christmas can sometimes be treated like a “past event” illustrated with plastic pieces of a nativity set. But the foundational truth of Christmas is intended to be intensely personal and relevant to each of us living in December of 2021. The angel’s announcement to Mary about her giving birth to the Messiah was personal not only to her but remains an intensely personal message to the world throughout history. Join us as we personalize the truth of Christmas on this second Sunday in Advent.   

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