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Principles of Prayer

Series: Conversations with God

Principles of Prayer

August 23, 2020 | Perry Kallis

Passage: John 15:7-11

In the John 15 passage where Jesus illustrates himself as the “Vine” and the disciples as the “branches” who abide in Him, it is clear that the reason abiding is so important is so “fruit” will appear. Jesus includes a statement that connects godly praying as one way to abide in Him. Abiding means to be at home with someone. For example, I might stay overnight in a hotel, but I really abide or live in my home. The application is clear. Does my prayer life help me settle down to live for Jesus’ Lordship in my daily life? Or am I satisfied with “spiritual hotel stays” in my prayer life? Join us as we complete our sermon series on prayer by looking at some very practical aspects of growing spiritual fruit for God through our life of prayer.

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