The Important “WHO” of Prayer

Series: Conversations with God

The Important “WHO” of Prayer

July 26, 2020 | Perry Kallis

Passage: Isaiah 6:1-8

Did you hear the joke about the loud, self-centered young man on a first date with a young woman? He spent the entire evening talking and bragging about himself as she quietly endured his arrogant blather. Finally, toward the end of the date he says, “I’m sorry, I just realized I’ve been talking about myself all night. Let me ask a question about you for a change.” And the young man’s question to her was; “So, what do you think of me so far”?

That old joke is also an illustration of how similarly blind we can be to our own self-centeredness when we pray. It’s easy to fall into patterns of making our prayers all about us. True prayer, however, should always begin with a focus on the “to whom” I am praying rather than on “getting what I want”. Isaiah 6 is an important foundation for re-aligning our prayer priority and placing primary attention on the Holy God to whom we pray. Join us as we continue our sermon series on, “Conversations with God”.  

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