The Key To Survival Is Revival

Series: Conversations with God

The Key To Survival Is Revival

July 05, 2020 | Perry Kallis

Passage: 2 Chronicles 7:14-

Did you know that the primary use of a heart defibrillator paddle is to disrupt a “disorganized heart” beat in order to shock it back into a proper pumping rhythm? When a heart is fibrillating, it may be quivering with activity, but it is not actually pumping life-sustaining blood to the body and must be jolted back into a helpful heartbeat. There are several Biblical examples of how God allows trauma into the lives of His people to act as a spiritual jolt to bring them back into a proper rhythm with God. We call that REVIVAL. We as a nation are reeling under a jolt of changes, but the question is whether or not it will lead to revival? As we approach a July 4th weekend, the question we should ask ourselves as believers is not, “how patriotic am I?” but rather, how PRAYERFUL am I?

2 Chronicles. 7:14 is an important reminder of the seriousness of revival in the lives of individual believers, in churches and in nations. Join us for a look at how the key to our spiritual survival is revival.    

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