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The Minuscule Nature of God’s Majestic Kingdom

The Minuscule Nature of God’s Majestic Kingdom

November 04, 2018 | Perry Kallis
The opening scene in the  Jim Carrey version of “The Grinch”, always fascinates me. Snowflakes are falling as the camera focuses in on a single snowflake, then like a microscope, it zooms in on the details of that one snowflake until it becomes clear that this entire story of “Whoville” is going to take place within the contours of that snowflake. That might illustrate how the kingdom of God is both: the vast universe of God’s creative purpose… and yet – a great deal of His kingdom takes place within the human heart of individual people who either accept or reject Him. As we continue in our series on the Lord’s prayer, we arrive at: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” We are going to talk about what Jesus means by that for our daily lives!
Scripture Verses: Matthew 6:10 ; Worship Song List: Click here

Series Information

It could be the MOST well-known passage of scripture in the Bible, “The Lord’s Prayer.” Jesus’ instruction for prayer is recorded in two of the gospels as a way of helping believers do more than merely recite a prayer. His intent was to teach us to actually pray. The act of communication with God (aka “prayer”) is an incredible point of contact between our rather ordinary, everyday lives and access to the sovereign presence of Almighty God. Over the next weeks, we invite you to join us as we learn more about the prayer connection that God invites us to have with Him and look for ways to enhance our everyday, personal, prayer connection with our Lord. 

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