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The Truth about Sincerity

Series: 1 John - Walk in God's Light • Live in God's Love

The Truth about Sincerity

June 26, 2022 | Perry Kallis

Passage: 1 John 2:18-29

We increasingly live in a culture that equates sincerity with truth. In other words, many people believe that if they believe something sincerely enough, it becomes true. But that is simply foolish. We may sincerely believe that a counterfeit $20 bill can be used to purchase something, but that does not make it worth anything. Likewise, the Apostle John declares that the foundation of our eternal faith rests upon the Lordship and salvation through Jesus Christ alone, and no amount of sincere belief in any other false teaching about Jesus is valid. This lesson appears increasingly applicable for our day and age. Join us for the truth about sincerity.

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