Trusting God in Spite of 'Graggers'

Trusting God in Spite of 'Graggers'

October 06, 2019 | Perry Kallis

In every good story there is an enemy to be overcome. In the Lord of the Rings it was Sauron and the orcs. In Sherlock Holmes it was Professor Moriarty, and in Moby Dick, it was the White Whale. The true story of Esther devotes an entire chapter to introduce us to an evil villain named Haman. He is more than a mere bad guy – he is someone so opposed to God that he devises a plan of annihilation against God’s people. But even in this part of the story, God is at work in ways that end up teaching us sovereign truths about dealing with our own enemies.

Text: Esther 3:1-15

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