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When Both Love and Hate Are Required

Series: 1 John - Walk in God's Light • Live in God's Love

When Both Love and Hate Are Required

June 05, 2022 | Perry Kallis

Passage: 1 John 2:12-17

I know it seems strange to use the words “both” and “and” when referring to love and hate. We are more accustomed to seeing them as “either - or” kinds of words. But there are important examples when combining them is necessary. A mother may desperately love her child but also hate the ear infection giving her child that feverish glow. The Apostle John is declaring a similar spiritual principle when warning believers about falling in love with the sin of the world. In order to fully love God, we cannot tolerate the devastation of sin in our lives. Join us for a practical look at this important principle.  

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