When God Feels Distant

Series: Honest To God - Psalms For These Times

When God Feels Distant

May 02, 2020 | Perry Kallis

Passage: Psalm 10:1-18

It’s one of my favorite illustrations about “hearing God” in the midst of a noisy world. A young farmer from a very rural area once visited a friend in New York City. As they were walking together in busy, noisy streets of downtown, the young farmer stopped and asked his friend, “Do you hear that”? The friend could hear nothing but the traffic sounds, but the farmer bent down and from between the crack in the sidewalk lifted out a cricket!

We tend to hear what we are listening for. The sounds of change and challenge in our life can make it seem as if God is silent, but perhaps that is the right time to focus our hearts to listen more carefully. Psalm 10 is David’s honest disappointment in God’s silence in the “noise and unfairness of life”, but he ends with important lessons of hope and focus. Join us online for an honest to God look at life when God feels distant.

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