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We are women made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), discipling (Matthew 28:19) each other to be fully equipped (Ephesians 4:12) for the work of ministry locally and globally. Our hope is to be known by our love and to bring up spiritually mature women who encounter a radical God and worship Him with all that they are. 


Women's Bible Studies

We believe we can know God by knowing the words of God which are found in scripture. Join us seasonally for rotating Bible studies. Contact Alistair Johnson ( ) or Katie Bernardin ( ) to lead, sign up or receive informational material for each study available.

Discipleship is how Jesus encouraged his church to follow his teachings. It comes in the form of counseling, one-on-one, mentorship, and giving Biblical advice. Look for the Women's Ministries discipleship training opportunities to learn how to do REAL-LIFE discipleship. For more information, contact Barbara Williams (319) 269-4457, 
After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to nearly 500 people and his last command was to “go and make disciples”. He wasn’t addressing pastors or educators, Jesus was speaking to his followers, the people who would be known as the first Christians. This means discipleship doesn’t require superpowers or certain skills, but a heart change to following Jesus and teaching others to do the same. Does this sound like a natural rhythm in your life already? Stay engaged as we unpack more about discipleship.


Our human makeup longs for connection and community. Women's Ministries will be offering events and retreats as a way to provide a way to live a life of encouragement to each other and learn to be the Church outside of the physical church walls. 


Serving the local and global church is born out of a love for Christ. GracePoint offers local and global ways that we can partner with existing ministries:

Women's Ministries Core Team


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