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Have you ever woke up to the news one morning and asked “this question” – “how can THIS be part of God's sovereign plan?” Perhaps it was a horrible tragedy, or an unbelievable turn in our culture that leaves us shaking our heads about the foolish and absurd times in which we find ourselves. Sometimes the “this question” happens in our personal lives when some event occurs and we automatically wonder if God has lost control of THIS somehow. The book of Esther is an interesting and somewhat unusual book of the Bible. It does not even once mention the word God or even acknowledge Him. But the powerful lessons about God's sovereignty that it teaches are incredibly applicable for our seemingly out-of-control world of today. Join us as we find ourselves drawn into the truth-- that God is always at work, even in THIS and therefore He is worthy of our trust.


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Need a Mentor?
September 21, 2019

We have women mentors who are available to mentor a few mentees from our church body.  If...

Men's Bible Study
September 21, 2019

Men’s Bible Studies Saturdays The Gospel of John. The Basics and Beyond, led by Ray...

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Clean Water for Guatemala
October 23, 2018 | Gracepoint Church

On October 5, 2018, twelve individuals went to Guatemala to build a well to bring clean water to...

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