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What was Jesus implying in Matthew 18:3-4 when he says that entering the kingdom of heaven requires us to have a “child-like heart”?  What is it about a child that is superior to the adult mind when it comes to the basics of God’s kingdom? In a word, it is trust. Children trust and believe without cynical complication. That is a key reason why we are setting aside this Sunday to see Christmas truth through the simplicity of child-like trust as all ages gather for one worship at 9:00 am. The message will use various, simple object lessons to outline God’s truth behind Christmas. There will only be Sunday School at the 10:30 am hour. Join us, all ages!  


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I jokingly told my staff this week that “if I just had an English or Australian accent, I could be of great preacher.” Perhaps it's just me, but whenever I listen to someone with an unusual accident it just seems like what they say sounds more interesting. Did you know that "believers are expected to "speak the language of genuine Thanksgiving” during all circumstances of life? This Sunday is our ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE worship Sunday. Not only will I share with you how the apostle Paul instructs us in developing a special “Thanksgiving accent” in our daily walk with God... But we will conclude our worship time with a special offering of groceries (for our local Salvation Army), and a Thanksgiving offering for missions. Let's join together and speak the language of Thanksgiving this coming Sunday.

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December 16, 2018

A night of fun for the whole family is planned for Sunday, December 16th starting at 5pm with a...

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October 23, 2018 | Gracepoint Church

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