Genesis Apologetics Seminar

Genesis Apologetics Seminar
Sunday, March 29, 2020, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Location: Gracepoint Church, 801 S Lower Sacramento Rd, Lodi, CA US 95242

Genesis Apologetics is committed to providing Christian families with Biblically and scientifically-based answers to the evolutionary theory that many children are taught in public schools. Their mission statement is: “Strengthening the faith of God’s children by grounding them in biblical truth and equipping them to discern error, one divine appointment at a time.”

On Sunday, March 29th they will be presenting several seminars to learn from:

Module #1: 9am-10:10am

Worship Center: Topic #1—Genesis Relevance/Noah’s Flood

Children's Center: Children Ages K through Grade 5

Module #2: 10:30am-11:40am

Worship Center: Topic #2—Debunking the Top 10 Pillars of Evolution

Children's Center: Children Ages K through Grade 5

Youth Center: Youth/Young Adults (Grades 6 - Age 25)

 Bonus Module: 12pm-1pm*

Answering the Top 20 Questions about Genesis and Creation (30-minute talk followed by 30 minute Q&A from the audience)

*Lunch will be provided if you RSVP by March 25th, email   or calling (209) 369-1948

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