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Each January, two significant, interconnected events fall roughly around the same date on our calendar; Sanctity of Life Sunday and Martin Luther King Day. On the third Sunday in January, we recognize the first and on the next Monday, we remember the second. We as believers should easily see the common spiritual theme between them, which is: “the value of all humans as God’s most sacred creation”. God is glorified when we reflect care and actions that promote racial harmony, and likewise, when we recognize that all sacred human life begins in the womb.

Both abortion and bigotry violate God’s intention of purposeful compassion for all human life. A simple reading of Psalm 8 recites the immense value God places on human life, even when it is considered next to the grand majesty of the physical universe. To treat human life as less valuable than our own, due either to inconvenience or misguided superiority departs from His holy intention. But there is redemption and forgiveness from those sins.

As a believer, it is my Christ-given commission to take the good news of salvation and eternal life into my broken world, and with the power of Christ-declared hope. Jesus shed his blood to redeem us from the sins that both kill infants and that which disrespects those different from ourselves. That wonderful, supernatural “spiritual bloodline” is more eternally significant than any ethnic background or even spiritually stronger than the deep connection between mother and child. I think we can all agree that complying with this powerful Biblical truth supersedes any possible political polarization on these issues.

I encourage you to take the time to read all 9 verses of Psalm 8 at some point today, and pray for both personal and national reconciliation to racial harmony and sanctity for human life, and then find one practical way to compassionately reflect that in your conversation and actions today. That would truly be a practical way to take a step closer to knowing and serving a holy God of grace and truth this coming week.

Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, who formed you from the womb: “I am the Lord, who made all things... (Isaiah 44:24)

From a Shepherd’s Heart,

Pastor Perry Kallis


When we hear the word ‘mystery’ we might think of solving a Sherlock Holmes-type story or winning the board game ‘Clue’. When the Apostle Paul uses that word in his letter to the Ephesians, however, he invites believers to an entirely different and more positive thought – Unity in Christ. The reality of our current national culture of extreme divisiveness makes this passage incredibly applicable for believers in 2021, as we learn to value this foundational aspect of our true identity in Christ.   




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