A number of news organizations are drearily reporting gloomy stories like “Easter Week is going to be so tragic for churches since Christians can’t gather for services”. I don’t agree with them! I believe this could be one of our best Easter weeks ever for the following reasons:
1) There will be fewer distractions from the main story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We won’t be as distracted with clothes, candy, traveling and getting to service on time.
2) We have a wonderful reminder that Easter is not about special presentations by musical groups or a pastor at a large Sunday morning gathering. It is about a living Lord Jesus who is still transforming the lives and eternities of people today. If Pilate couldn’t end Him and the grave couldn’t hold him, then COVID-19 is not going to stop Him either!
3) We have the opportunity to do “homemade” messages of Easter. How about if you read the story out of your own Bible, make phone calls or texts to friends to wish them God’s blessing and encourage others? Maybe you want to follow the suggestion from KLOVE, to step outside your front door at 8:00 am this coming Easter morning and sing the first verse of Amazing Grace. (I’m gonna do that!)
4) The contrast between our Living Hope in Christ and the dour negativity of the COVID-19 reporting can be a great platform for declaring hope. More people may hear about Easter than ever before as people turn to electronic media to see what is going on, and will discover that “the Living Lord Jesus is what’s going on”!
5) As long as we live, we will never forget the Easter of 2020. So let’s make it more about Jesus and His living hope than ever before! Get ready this Easter more than ever before to “love Jesus more, talk about Jesus more, trust Jesus more, worship Jesus more, and be forever changed by Jesus more”.
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· We will have a Good Friday video complete with a communion time you can share (we’ll send instruction later this week). We will also have a special Easter Sunday video complete with a sunrise service and something for children and youth.
· Thank you to those of you who continue to comment, encourage and give, either by mail or on-line. We are the body of Christ and will carry His truth no matter where we are.
Praying for you to have the BEST EASTER WEEK...EVER!
From a Shepherd’s heart,
Pastor Perry Kallis

We have prepared a Good Friday Video service for everyone. We will end the Good Friday video service with a Communion time. Whether you are alone or with a family, we encourage you to share the communion time with us and plan now to have some juice and bread ready before you watch the Good Friday video, so you can physically receive communion as Pastor Perry leads you through that time.

Many people this week might be struggling with the feeling of isolation during the “shelter in place” directives of this COVID virus crisis. And yet, this is a good opportunity to recall that although the Body of Christ may not be able to physically gather, we can be together in Spirit through the Living Presence of our Risen Lord Jesus.

I encourage you to take the time this week to read the Easter Story out of your own Bible and spend time praising God for His love and grace during this time. All four of the gospels contain the account of Jesus’ arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection. This story is the cornerstone of our faith during these uncertain times. May God give you one of the most positive and memorable Easters of your life!    

 I googled, “symbols of Easter” and saw a huge list that included cross, lamb, egg, lily, chick, butterfly, and even, hot cross buns! What I did not find was FRUIT. And yet, in my humble opinion, the fruit is one of the best and most Biblical symbols of the hope of the resurrection of Jesus. I will share with you a brief message about the practical benefit of that very truth as part of our Easter Resurrection Sunday Celebration video. 

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