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Worship Services & Children's Programs - 9 AM
Adult Sunday School Classes - 10:30 AM
Welcome to GracePoint Church, where we are committed to helping you take your next steps toward knowing and serving a holy God of grace and truth

This Sunday our guest speaker will be one of our elders, Dr. Bill Kehoe who will be sharing from the Word how the Bible can have divinely transformative power in the daily life of every Christian. Many of you know the transformative power that Dr. Kehoe’s study has produced in his own life and he will encourage and challenge us to run the same race.



October 11, 2021 | Linda Opp

I was an off-roader before it was cool because I'm the daughter of a farmer who missed his...

Stamped or Forged?
August 30, 2021 | Linda Opp

I have an electric knife sharpener. It works splendidly, and I regularly demonstrate its worth...

Falling Down The Stairs
August 23, 2021 | Linda Opp

I've told this story before, but the daily bombardment of bad news from across the globe has...

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