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For me, Father’s Day brings a lot of good memories of my dad. As I look back, I appreciate him a lot more now than during the time I was living at home. He exhibited a quiet strength of character whose early years were formed by the Great Depression and the farming woes of the Dirty 30’s. I believe much of his character and determination was formed through the difficult circumstances he grew up in. He experienced tests of faith throughout his life which I was able to watch and learn from. The story of Abraham being commanded to go to Mount Moriah in Genesis 22 to sacrifice his son, Isaac, as a burnt offering was the greatest test that Abraham, the soon-to-be Father of all nations, would experience. We learn a lot about Abraham in this story, but we learn a lot more about God and His faithfulness.



A Good Father
June 14, 2021 | Linda Opp

I grew up in a little Baptist church in North Dakota, where we faithfully had Communion, or the...

Small Things
June 7, 2021 | Linda Opp

I'm often roped into playing Monopoly with my grandsons. In my opinion, a game of Monopoly is a...

I Sure Hope So
March 22, 2021 | Linda Opp

It was an ordinary walk on the nature trail with my two grandsons, ages four and seven. Somehow...

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