The Ripple Effect: A Community Faith Summit

The Ripple Effect: A Community Faith Summit
Thursday, March 04, 2021, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Group: Staff

The Ripple Effect is the name given to a 90-minute online gathering on the evening of March 4, sponsored by our local Lodi hospital in cooperation with local Christian churches. Its purposes are to encourage all our local churches to connect and to develop relationships with our local community (schools, neighborhood groups) in practical ways that show and declare the love of Christ so that the “ripple” of Christ’s love goes outward to make a positive impact. Our local Lodi hospital is making available some grant money resources to churches as they come up with their own ways to do this practical missional outreach in the name of Christ.

This one-time, online gathering will include some local video examples of ways that this “practical showing of God’s love” between our local churches and our community is already happening (180 Ministry, Radiant Life Church, etc.) and will include a brief keynote address by Bubba Paris, a local, 3x Super Bowl champion with the SF 49ers.

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