80's Prom Gone Bad

80's Prom Gone Bad
Saturday, April 24, 2021, 6:42 PM - 9:00 PM

Group: Staff

We know this school year hasn't gone quite as planned, so we decided to throw it back to the 80's! Life was different in the 80's... Apple computers were brand new in 1984, the video killed the radio star, phones were attached the wall, to see your friends you had to hop on your bike and meet somewhere, neon colors, having to catch your favorite tv show the first time around, Nintendo was fresh on the scenes and would of thought they would have put the once iconic arcade out of business. Oh man, I pity the fool who wasn't there. Well let's flip the tape. This isn't your normal prom, something crazy is about to happen and it's not the latest breakdance move or Bon Jovi single on the 45. 

This will be a night of mystery and solving the clues of a puzzle that you are a part of! Great night for anyone who wants to put their sleuthing skills to use or be apart of a live story! Must sign up to come. Must sign up by April 7th so we can get your character role to you!

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